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The first robust Brain-Computer Interface algorithm
landing in the field of Biometrics as a Service

lock your door through neurotechnology

BCI for authentication systems improvement

We exploited the features of human mind to create the first Brain-Computer Interface algorithm in the field of Biometrics as a Service that finds a unique pattern in our brainwaves usable as a biometric marker and continuous presence control. 

MindPrint in can be integrated in any security system and used as a first or second factor in authentication procedure: no one can steal or replicate a brain signal, so your online or physical areas will be completely safe from unauthorized people.

Your mind is the key and you are never going to lose it!


our technology

Main features

Mind used as a Token

MindPrint relies on features that slightly change over time: the algorithm uses your mind as a token generator.

Key impossible to steal

The mental signature is not accessible without consent and totally under its owner control.

Continuous authentication

The brain constantly generates a flow of signals: MindPrint can use them as continuous presence control.

don’t leave your front door open

Lack of security in IAM

More than 80% of data breaches are due to weak, default or stolen password. Identity and Access Management is the first line of defense in a security system, but many companies, including huge ones, keep leaving their front door open.

Single-factor authentication or weak second factors are a major problem; even classic biometric systems like fingerprint scanners are not safe enough because it’s possible to circumvent them through special morphing techniques.

The average damage due to a data breach is about 148$ per compromised record: for a small business the damage could be equivalent to the global value of the company itself, potentially killing it for good.

How it Works

Easy. Fast. Safe.

Easy Implementation through our APIs. New user registration in 3 minutes. Super safe login in a few seconds.


MindPrint is Web-Based. It can be easily integrated into existing authorization system through our APIs.

User DB

Every new user is registered into a database through a short recording session.

Fast Login

After the registration phase, the login procedure is fast and only requires few seconds.

cybersecurity companies and enterprises

Who is MindPrint for?

We created MindPrint for every enterprise that aims to increase its level of security, from the smallest one to big companies. Both categories are under the threat of cybercriminals and they run the risk to suffer huge economical damages, which could be avoided just by locking their front door.


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